Mutts Manners

Storm and Shadow's story

Since meeting Joe our dog's lives just became GREAT.

Tom and Elaine from Elderslie, Renfrewshire - February 2017

We have 2 large GSD's Storm 43 Kilos & Shadow 50 Kilos. Our biggest worry is they would hurt a smaller dog. Everyone should be able to enjoy their dog without the fear of another dog having a go.

When out with me they pulled a lot on their leads but I am strong enough to control them. They barked and made for cyclists, joggers, cats other dogs in fact just about anything that moved. My wife is a good bit smaller than me and struggled a lot for control. So much so that she would take them miles away in the car every day to where there were no other dogs, to walk them, and never ever let them run free. Always on the look out for other dog walkers, and taking a wide berth to avoid them.

Occasionally another dog "Off Lead" would run over to her and my two went into defence mode, She had to put her arms through the leads and sit down on the ground to avoid being pulled into a fight. Needless to say she dreaded the mid day walk and I don’t think the dogs got much out of it either.

Joe was one of the other dog walkers my wife met and they spoke occasionally. We learned what he did and asked him to come to our home and appraise our dogs. He put them on a lead and went a walk for an hour and came back to inform us that we did not have "BAD DOGS" and he was positive he could help us.

He came back 4 times over about 3 weeks and worked with the dogs and my wife and right from day 1 we could see the difference. Now my wife gets ready, puts the leads on and tells the dogs to wait. She gets them both on her left hand side and opens the door. No more rushing out dragging her behind them, they all walk out together under control and that's the way they stay for the whole walk. She walks through housing estates to the park and lets them off lead to play with their ball and when they have had enough its leads back on and into walking position for the walk home. There is no more barking and rushing at cyclists, joggers etc, just a nice relaxed walk.

My wife has finally achieved one of her dreams, being able to go out with the dogs and enjoy them totally worry free, and the dogs quality of life has risen 10 fold.

Thanks Joe.