Rehoming a rescue Dog

If you are thinking of rehoming a rescue dog it is a wonderful thing to do. As there are far too many dogs being euthanised on a daily basis in the UK.

However, it is not a simple as going to a rescue shelter and picking the cutest looking dog or the dog who comes to say hello and licks your hand. You need to think of the type of home you are bringing the dog home to. Are you active? Do you live in a small apartment? These are the types of question you need to ask yourself before you go anywhere near a dog rescue shelter.

This is where Mutts Manners can help you. Here at Mutts Manners we can give you a professional assessment that will determine the type of dog most suited to your home. We can also come with you to give you advice on the dogs in the rescue shelter that Mutts Manners thinks best suits your needs. When it comes down to it the decision is yours to make, but we can advise on every step of the journey. And we can even be there for you to guide you through the most important first 3 to 4 weeks. For if you navigate the honeymoon period corrrectly with your new family member it will make the settling in period much easier for all involved.

Here at Mutts Manner we believe this to be one of the most important services we can provide, as far too many dogs are returned to dog rescue shelters unnecessarily.


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