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Rates and Services Mutts Manners provide for a balanced dog

Mutts Manners Rates

No Kennel Dog Boarding

£30/day. If you need to board your dog and you don't like the idea of putting him/her into kennels then Mutts Manners in-home boarding is for you.

All of your dogs physical and psychological needs will be met to ensure that your dog has no bad memories about being left somewhere while you need to board them. Being a professional dog behaviourist I know exactly what to do to make your dog feel safe and relaxed from day 1. This is crucial in ensuring there is no negative psychcological effect from their experience away from their owners.

Feel free to contact me to enquire about the physical and psychological programmes I will tailor for your dogs specific needs to ensure they have an enjoyable holiday where all their needs are met, just like you.

Session rates

£130/session. Most sessions will last 2 to 3 hours and cover any and all behaviour problems.

Block session rate

£550 for a block of 5 sessions. This five session block is best done over two weeks at the most for maximum benefit. I work with your dog to resolve his/her behaviour issues and you will need to join me on the last session so you can keep up the work I have done.

Residential retraining and modifying behaviour

£595/week. This includes full board and food. Plus a 24/7 modification of the dogs behaviour problems. This will need to be booked in advance as this will be a one-on-one scenario where I devote all my time and experience to modifying the dogs anti-social behaviour problems and making the dog a balanced happy dog. After the residential training the owners will be given hands-on guidance on how to maintain the balance in the dog, including a follow-up visit 7 days later to ensure all is going well.


There may also be an additional travel cost of £1/mile for journeys over 10 miles from my location in Johnstone Renfrewshire


Mutts Manners Services

The goal of any good dog owner is to have their dog be a part of their family, but within the boundaries of being a dog; this is when a dog is at its happiest since dogs have no concept of equal rights for all members of the family. So when owners treat their pets like human family members or mother them like children, the harsh reality is that the dog sees this as a sign of weakness and will exploit this at every opportunity.

When this happens to your family pet you are doing your dog a great injustice: your dog does not have the cognitive ability to properly decipher how the human world works and this results in undue stress and anxiety, which can lead symptoms like aggression in your dog.

It is important to remember that dogs are happy enough just being dogs. They do not need to be treated like a child or a person. As a dog owner, you need to learn how to be a leader for your dog but at the same time giving your dog plenty of affection.

Mutts Manners can provide many varied services to help you to help your dog with it's behavour problem. These include:

  • Choosing and bringing home a rescue dog: Choosing to adopt a dog from a rescue shelter is one of the best things you will ever do. With the assitiance of Mutts Manners, we can help you choose the correct dog for your house and show you the proper way to introduce the dog to its new home. This is an invaluable service that I'd advise all, but the most experienced dog owner, to take full use of. Mutts Manners can show you how to avoid unwanted behaviour problems from arising from your new rescue dog and train the dog to be a valued family member. Mutts Manners can also make you aware of what to expect from taking on a rescue dog in the first few months and make sure you avoid the pitfalls most peoepl fall into and end up returning the dog within a few weeks. These are dog behaviour problems that can easily be avoided with the correct dog training and knowledge of dog psychology.
  • Understanding dog psychology: Dog psychology is the understanding of dog behavior from a canine perspective rather than from a human perspective. Dogs are such close companions; it is easy to forget that they are not human. Humanising a dog can cause miscommunication between humans and their pets and can lead to difficulties between the two. Many confrontational situations between humans and dogs are due to our lack of ability to read the language of the dog. At Mutts Manners I will show you how to be a positive force in your dog's life, by understanding what your dog is telling you. And as a result you will increase the bond between you and your pet and you will be able to halt any dog behaviour probelms before they get to the stage where a dog trainer is required.
  • Train your dog to walk on a lead: If your dog is pulling on the lead, being aggressive or generally just making 'the walk time' unpleasant then this is a stress you can do without in your life. Unfortunately we may not have enough time to spend walking our dogs and consequently our pet does not always understand dog walking etiquette. Mutts Manners can offer you the knowledge and skills to enjoy walking your dog on a lead again, so that your dog does not pull on the lead or behave aggresively towards other dogs while on the lead. Walking a dog who does not pull on the lead is one of the most relaxing and rewarding experiences a person can have and Mutts Manners will give you the skills to make this time more enjoyable. A dog pulling on the lead is not natural and you don't have to live with it.
  • Training to ensure guests are not threatened by your dog at your home: Many people are anxious when they invite friends or have guests to their house; they do not know how their dog will react and worry about the consequences. Your body language and anxiety can have a very negative affect on your dogs behaviour; your dog may perceive your body language as fear of the guest and may react in a way that is a serious dog behaviour problem. Mutts Manners will be able to show you how to control your dogs behaviour and how to maintain a calm, state of mind in your dog prior to your guest's arrival. This will allow visits from family and friends to be stress free and develop the bond between you and your dog so that this unwanted behaviour problem will be a thing of the past. It is worth noting that in the vast majority of these cases it is not a bad dog, the dogs behaviour is rooted in its natural instinct to protect the ones it loves. So some dog training and human coaching will resolve this unwanted dog behaviour problem.
  • Your pet may need time and support to interact with other dogs: Dog Socialisation gives your dog the opportunity to interact with a variety of different dogs and reduces your dog's anxiety when outside. Some dogs have not learnt how to interact with other dogs and the lack of social skills can cause great stress for the dog and consequently its owner. At Mutts Manners, my aim is to try and alleviate this problem through an intensive socialisation programme. Your dog will be given the opportunity to interact with dogs in a controlled environment, which can allow you, the owner to relax which will allow your dog to relax too.
  • If the relationship with your dog breaks down completely : Residential retraining sessions are used when your dog needs to training outside the family home to work with other dogs and people. This service allows you the peace of mind to know that your dog is getting the best support and will be returned a more content and happier dog. My one-to-one attention will bring the dog back to being the kind of dog it was born to be. This service will be required to train the dog to move on from some of the more serious dog behaviour probelms.