• Joe is a revelation

    Prior to meeting Joe our dog Mika was a nervous over energetic dog with tendency to be unpredictable with aggression problems. This was leading to family arguments and a feeling of untrust towards Mika and a consideration to rehome Mika as we felt we were losing control of her. I recently got in touch with Joe who took Mika for a week and retrained Mika?s mindset into...

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  • Can't express clearly my gratitude to Joe

    I can't find the words to express clearly my gratitude to Joe for the help he has given to me and Poppy. I had spent three years in despair and frustration at not knowing how to deal with Poppy's fear of everyone and everything. Walks were a nightmare of anxiety for both of us with Poppy barking constantly and nipping other dogs if they came too close...

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  • Can't thank Joe enough

    When we first got Kai he was extremely dog aggressive, pulling, growling, barking and jumping around trying to get to dogs and obviously you can't have this so we got dog behaviourists out and nothing seemed to help. He still wanted to fight with every dog he seen and we were beginning to feel like we were stuck with a dog we couldn't enjoy as even walking him for 5 minutes...

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Mutts Manners