Mutts Manners philisophy on good dog training

At Mutts Manners we want to enable you to create a positive environment where your dog can thrive, as a member of your family. This is central to Mutts Manners philosophy when working with your dog. Giving you the skills to train and handle your dog in a positive and lasting manner.

Mutts Manners main aim is to get you to understand the world of your dog, enabling you to take full control in any situation. When you have achieved this control, you, your dog, your family and those around you will witness the close bond, which can be achieved with, "Man's best friend". Achieving this bond allows you to become a more effective dog handler and increases the pleasure of being with your dog. Ultimately giving you the knowledge and confidence to become your own dog trainier.

I've had years of experience working with and training dogs. Where I have successfully rehomed many dogs by fostering them and training the dog in my own home. Where the dog can then become a loved family member in a new forever home.

As a result, I have provided valuable support for leading dog homing charities in Scotland. Through my work with these charities, many dogs have been saved and have now been successfully reintegrated into homes with loving families.

I have also gained first-hand experience of dog training and behaviour at the world famous Cesar Milan's Dog Psychology Centre in California. Where I was trained personally by Cesar Milan and I now use many of these dog training techniques plus the knowledge I have developed myself to support all types of dogs and families with their various trainng needs.

Whether your dog requires support with attachment disorder or more serious conditions such has aggression towards other people, Mutts Manners can offer supportive help and advice to tackle major to minor dog training problems.

Mutts Manners is a dog training service, based in Johnstone in Renfrewshire, which specialises in dog behaviour problems. Looking at the dog behavour problem from a dog psychology perspective, which gets to the root of the problem to resolve the dogs behaviour problem and dog trainng needs. At Mutts Manners we cover Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Lanarkshire, Ayrshire, East Renfrewshire and Dunbartonshire. Mutts Manners will also cover most areas in the central belt such as Edinburgh, Falkirk, Livingston etc..